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What is required upon check-in at the resort?
All we need to do is take a photocopy of your passport and departure card which is the white card you receive from the custom officer upon arriving in Thailand. If the payment for your stay has not yet been charged we appreciate to receive full payment upon check-in.
How do I arrange transportation to the resort?
Are you staying on Koh Lipe during the low season? Than the speed or longtail boat drops you off right in front of Lipe Beach Resort on Sunrise Beach. During high season you will arrive on Koh Lipe - Pattaya Beach. From there you can take a motorcycle taxi for THB 50 per person and for children its free.
How can I get around while staying on Koh Lipe?
A lot of our guests walk around since Koh Lipe is a tiny island. If you for whatever reason decide you are not in the mood for walking you can have us order you a motorbike taxi at the front office. For THB 50 per person they drop you of anywhere you decide to go on Koh Lipe. If you want to get back in the evening and you don't feel like walking go to the middle of walking street to find the motorbike taxis waiting for customers. They will bring you back from Koh Lipe its Walking Street to Lipe Beach Resort for THB 50 per person.
We want to stay with 3 people in one room?
That's not possible. All our BUNGALOWS are designed for couple stays only. We do offer baby cots free of charge. We do allow 2 parents and 1 child but you should be comfortable sharing the existing bedding as we have no extra beds at Lipe Beach Resort.
What is your cancellation policy?
Good question! If you book with us directly the following terms and conditions apply: Payment Conditions - A deposit equal to the full booking amount is required. - The deposit will be refunded according to the cancellation conditions: Cancellation Conditions - If your booking is cancelled more than 30 days before arrival full refund* - If a booking is cancelled less than 30 days before arrival 50% refund* - If a booking is cancelled less than 15 days before arrival no refund - In the event of a no show or booking reduction (after arrival date) the full cost of the booking is charged. *Please note that in Thailand payment processors do not refund the processing fee which is around and about 5% If you decide to book with a middleman company ie. booking .com etc your reservation is without any exceptions non-refundable.
Can I request to have rooms located near or next to each other?
Due to a restriction in our booking engine we can never guarantee 100% that we can have you stay in adjacent rooms. We know this is a bit annoying when you intend to stay as a family or group but the only thing we can promise is that we will very hard and put all our efforts in place to provide you with adjacent rooms should you request this. But again, please note we cant 100% guarantee you this.
What are your check-in and check-out times?
You can CHECK-IN to our hotel on Koh Lipe its Sunrise Beach from 13:00 / 01:00 PM onward. CHECK-OUT IS FROM 07:00 AM till 11:00 AM. It is always possible to discuss earlier or later but his is dependent on guest arrivals and departures. If possible we happily entertain your request and always but only when possible at no extra charge.
Why cant I find Lipe Beach Resort on and Agoda?
Because they are not really nice business partners for independent hoteliers and we try to work with them as little as possible. You get much better prices and better cancellation policies when you book direct with us anyway.
Where can I get Wireless Internet
We have free Wi-Fi for all our guests at Lipe Beach Resort. That said, Wi-Fi on Koh Lipe is generally slow as there is no fiber or even a decent internet cable. It is all beamed to Koh Lipe from a grumpy old tower on the mainland. If internet is really really important for you get a 2nd SIM or a Wi-Fi dongle and get a DTAC tourist SIM. They have really good 3G and 4G speeds and you get about 12GB of data for about 20 USD.
Are you located directly on the beach?
Oh yeahhhhh!
Do you provide linens and housekeeping in your accommodations?
We absolutely do. All you have to do is drop your room key off at the reception before 12:00 AM and we will clean your room, make your bed and refresh your towels.
Do all your rooms have private bathrooms?
Yes they do. Please note that the GARDEN ROOM FAN although having the bathroom attached only has cold water. So if you are keen on hot water showers any other room type will do for you.
I want to celebrate a special occasion at Lipe Beach Resort. Can you help?
We can most definitely try! But please keep in mind we are extremely busy during certain periods and locate 70 KM from the mainland so Champagne and Strawberries is something you should forget about. That said, we have done some really cool set-ups on our beautiful Sunrise Beach over the year. If you are planning to stay at Lipe Beach Resort on a special occasion please do let us know up front by sending an email to

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Address: Sunrise Beach Koh Lipe สตูล 91000, Thailand | tel: +66 (0) 99-265 0808. If you have any questions about Lipe Beach Resort we are always glad to answer. Our phone line is open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00 +7 CET